Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perception of Threat: The Relativity of Experience

Today I went searching for blogs of other folks that might share beliefs that I hold dear. I was somewhat disappointed to find that the search results were exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I tried refining my search criteria so it would filter out the haters, spinners, ultra right wing conservatives and fundamentalist Christian blogs that predominated the search results. My efforts went completely unrewarded. So, I decided I would start looking at some of them.

Two of them really struck me:


I don't think i need to say much about the first blog. It's actually quite a popular blog for gay conservative republicans. It shares the same liberal blasting rhetoric that you would hear from Rush Limbaugh. Cognitive Dissonance.... it makes my head hurt.


The second blog's most recent post was
Atheists Continue to Attack Me . You know I really have a problem with Christians who think they are being persecuted for their beliefs. I know persecution is relative to a person's personal experience - but its really hard for me to feel sorry for someone that creates their own uncomfortable place by alienating the people around them. There is a reason why you don't discuss politics and religion in the workplace. First, you aren't being paid to expouse your views while you are at work. Second, these topics create strife in the workplace, which leads to morale issues and decreases in employee productivity.

Ok - yup - I got side tracked. The real reason why I was so annoyed by this man's blog is that I really doubt his job or his family's safety has ever been threatened because of his religious or political beliefs. He is part of the american majority and protected by the constitution, state and federal laws. While he is complaining that he isn't allowed to express his religious and political views as he teaches our children, he has co-workers that live in fear that they will be outed by children, their homes will be vandelized, they will be physically attacked, or they will lose their jobs because principals fold under the pressure of religious and conservative parents. And to all of this there is little to no legal recourse. I won't belittle his experience, but he could use a push of his reset button.

Finally, this individual would deny these co-workers fundamental human rights because their behavior does not coincide with his beliefs concerning morality. This is hardly Christlike behavior.

Most Finally..... why is it that these folks are quoting the old testament to support their arguments? Doesn't Christianity represent a new covenant that God has made with mankind through Christ's sacrifice? Didn't Christ eschew the judgemental and legalistic ways of the Pharasees? If I were a Christian, i think I would be treading lightly and not even carrying a stone, let alone casting one.


  1. Click down the blogroll on my blog. Especially check out Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men, Ordinary Goddess, Stonekettle Station (Wasilla man!), Reality is Frequently Inaccurate and, although he's not posting his usual right now, Standing on The Shoulders of Giant Midgets. :)

    The majority of my friends have similar beliefs to yours. :D

  2. I came here through Jeri, and my blog is Reality is Frequently Inaccurate. I'm a Christian, but not of the ultra right wing conservative and fundamentalist type. And you point out one of the things that most sticks in my craw about these types - they either can't or won't read much of the four Gospels.

    I have no problem with pointing out what I believe to be injustice and things that are wrong in the world, but I willing admit I'm far from perfect myself.

  3. Stonekettle Station (Wasilla man!)

    Palmer, actually, Jeri.

  4. Carol Elaine from just an ordinary goddess... here! Came here through Jeri. Hi!

    Here's the thing about discussing religion and politics in the workplace. I'm a secretary at JPL and all of my co-workers know I'm a political activist in my spare time. I'm not confrontational about it (I certainly don't talk about it on a regular basis), but I'm not silent about it either (I wear a peace sign around my neck at all times).

    But I'm not teaching children on a daily basis. I'm not a daily influence on a group of young American citizens who are at an impressionable age. If I were, I would definitely reign myself in. I do it all the time around my nieces and nephews (one of my sisters is a right-wing devout Christian).

    If he wants to create a bunch of conservative Mini-Mes, then have a bunch of his own children. Don't do it with other people's children.

  5. Janiece from Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men here. Don't you hate it when your friends invite all of THEIR friends to your place? Hehe.

    And I firmly agree with your comments regarding how the whiny mewing of white, Christian, old guys get on my last damn nerve.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere, MR!

  6. I used to be a Christian - or attempted to be one. Then I figured out that I was gay and kept falling in love with the sisters. After my church figured out that they couldn't retrieve me from my fallen away state they booted me out the door. So, although I share a lot of fundamental christian values, not to be mistaken for FUNDAMENTALISM, I had to re-evaluate my understanding of God to be bigger than any one religion. So this is a long way of saying, i value your ability to transcend the path of exlusion and judgement taken by many christians.

    A big welcome to Jeri's friends - she has the awesome knack of gathering really beautiful people around her. I figure I just got lucky to be included :-)

  7. Jeri,

    I'm hurt! Truly hurt.

    Dear Minority Report,

    If you're looking for people who say intelligent things intelligently, then fine -- check out the blogs Jeri recommended.

    If, on the other hand, you have a soft spot in your heart for an engine that isn't always firing on all cylinders; for a knife that may not be the sharpest in the drawer; for balloons occasionally filled with lead -- then mine is the place to visit.

  8. Ah, Nathan, you are deeply entertaining and often wonderfully crazy... but don't frequently write about social justice issues. (neither do I!)

    AK Minority Report - thank you. :D

  9. I haven't written regularly about politics in a couple years, though I used to do so regularly.

    I was raised liberal Catholic, so I actually know many people who aren't a$$hats about religion, but unfortunately I think they're a silent majority. Just like you hear about the rare plane crash while every safe flight goes unnoticed, the jerks get all the attention while the good people who spend every day not going around hating people are ignored.

    It's the jerks that get attention, not the people who are living their lives and being nice people, so that makes it look like the jerks out number everyone else. But it isn't so. It just feels like that sometimes.

  10. I shared with Jeri that I am currently using the blog as some what of a catharsis to release years worth of pent up anger and frustration. So, Nathan and Random Michelle, i find your sites very refreshing and normalizing. I can't wait to try out the oatmeal cookies on Michelle's site - yummy! I really appreciate the support of calm, quiet, and perhaps silent majority. I guess I'd have to say that living in a place like Alaska - these folks are rarer than in other places. I chose to come here and to remain living here. So, I can't bemoan the consequences of that choice too much. But that does explain my anonimity (sp). I've already had to sell my house once because of hostile neighbors that outed my partner and almost caused her to lose her job and resulted in major health issues. I live in Wasilla, so that explains a lot. I expect it will take some time for me to strike a healthy balance between sharing my life and my social issues bent. that said, thanks to all of you for sharing in my little corner of the world :-)

  11. You haven't been in school for a while, or at least not the public school system. Many years of teaching all over has shown that if you are an athiest liberal envioronmental left wing commie, your beliefs are worshipped every day- not just tolerated, not just taught, but worshipped. You are no longer the minority, my friend- you and you fellow hyenas have won, and are not eating the fruits of your labor.

  12. Oh, but i have. If you want to include or promote your moral or religious beliefs into your classroom curriculum, there are plenty of religious schools where you can do so freely. Although, i suspect you would have to be willing to take a significant pay cut. You have the freedom to choose.

    If you talk to people like you are talking to me right now, exagerate, and compare those you disagree with to hyenas, it wouldn't surprise me that these people just don't like you.

    I also believe, you would be hard pressed to prove with any scientific valididty the claims you are making.

  13. MR, rest assured - you have our support.

    The friend of our friend is our friend. And Jeri is a good, good friend.

    Signed, a fellow hyena who actually understands the meaning and intent of the Establishment Clause.

  14. "Many years of teaching all over has shown that if you are an athiest liberal envioronmental left wing commie, your beliefs are worshipped every day- not just tolerated, not just taught, but worshipped."

    That's .... amusing.

    Not a shred of truth to it where I live, but amusing never-the-less.

    Also: worshiped, atheist, and environmental. You get an F on spelling.

  15. Hi AK Minority!

    I am one of Jeri's friends, too (waaah, she didn't mention me, she doesn't like me, I'll have to go eat some worms...). Ahem, sorry.

    I really try not to post about political or religious issues, because I get tongue-tied and my thoughts get tied up in knots (actually it all makes sens inside my head. it's when it comes out that it is gobbledy-gook). From the few things I have written about it is bvious that I am a tree-hugging liberal, so to speak. I have the "comfort" of living in a blue state, but the crazy conservatives with an agenda live here, too.

    Welcome. I look forward to reading your blog!

  16. Thanks for the support ! I love Jeri too.

    I suppose a hyena is a dog varient. So, it's not really an insult, is it? Except for eating fermented kill, of course. I'm amazed i didn't notice the spelling errors. Note I didn't even try to spell M_____led. I definitely bow to the idol of spell check.

    I'm glad to meet you. I'm sure Jeri was trying to break me in gently. Blue is my favorite color. Isn't it ironic that the Republican states are RED? I didn't start blogging until recently because i didn't think I had anything to say that anyone else care to read. Thank God for therapy!!!

  17. Hyena's gather together and attack in a pack. If taken on one at a time, they run. They rarely kill their own food- rather, they scavage propety from others. It's a metaphor.

    Since you brought it up, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, or beyond all scientific certanity, that no liberal values are being taught in school. You challenged me to prove that they were being taught- I challenge you to prove that there is no way they are not being taught.

  18. C,
    A metaphor which is still an insult. I would ask you to do your own homework before you make global assertions. This would make you more credible and prove that you practice what you preach.

    If you are willing to complain - then you need to start thinking about solutions.